“Unleash your inner child, be a little wild.” ― Laura E. Brusseau

Do you remember being 10 years old?

I do. I posed for this picture on Thanksgiving Day at my Grandparents’ home. I also remember the surprised look on my Uncle Fred’s face as he clicked the Polaroid camera. Shocked is a better word. I chuckled when I came across this picture recently. I recognized ‘her’ immediately and smiled. I didn’t have to ask myself, ‘who is this person?’ or ‘where did she go?’ So I smiled because I’ve lived my entire life playing full out, and today, I still have the same bold, fiery attitude. I’m so grateful no one robbed me of this.

We are often stuck because we need to be gently reintroduced to our wild child. Before life challenges shaped us. Before heartbreak.

Here are some great journaling questions from Julia Cameron’s Artist Way:
1. Describe five traits you like in yourself as a child. (Building things, playing outdoors, singing…)
2. List five childhood accomplishments. (Straight A’s 7th grade, punched out the class bully…)
3. List five favorite childhood foods, buy yourself one this week.
4. List twenty things you enjoy doing. When was the last time you let yourself do these things? Don’t be surprised if it’s been years. (Camping, rollerblading, dancing…)

I hope you remember her. Your 10-year-old self. The girl who had so much possibility ahead of her. She still does.

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