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Modern-day solo and group Coaching & Vision Quests, in-person or virtual, to clarify what’s essential in your life and career, break through fears, and align your purpose and passion with your intentions and actions.  In return, you get unstuck and boldly live a life beyond your wildest imagination.  Don’t you just love new beginnings?


Intimate women retreats at exquisite destinations designed to stir the five senses, ignite your creativity and imagination, and reawaken your heart’s desire.  You will be cracked wide open to jar self-limiting beliefs, awaken passion, reconnect with your soul, and ultimately, return to your life renewed and inspired to pursue your dreams. Hey, give them something to talk about.

Tribes & Applause

  • Certified Master Career Coach, NCDA
  • International Coach Federation
  • Sedona Women’s Institute
  • Southwestern College & New Earth Institute
  • TEDx Albuquerque Women
  • Top 30 Global John C. Maxwell Leadership Award
  • Women on Fire, Co-Author

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Beth’s Highlights Over The Past Decade

Speaker at TedX Albuquerque Women, Ignite Your Life Revolution

Co-author in Women on Fire Book 2

Career Coach in Forbes Magazine, Amazing Career Success, Happiness and Reward in Action

Actor in The Teacher & The Student, an award-winning short film

Distinguished recipient of the Top 30 Global Leaders John C. Maxwell Award

Great Women of the Great Lakes Bay Award

Keynote speaker at YWCA Women’s Symposium

Sedona Women’s Retreat Facilitator at renown destinations including Moab, Sedona, Santa Fe

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