“There is a road that is always beckoning.”― David Whyte, Poet, Author, and Speaker.


Honestly, this year feels different for me. I’m hopeful, optimistic, encouraged, and back on track. Despite the uncertainty we are still facing in the nation, I’m hitting the Nitro button on my dreams. Could I get derailed? Possibly. Will I have the mindset and plan to overcome any twists and turns this year, Ab-so-lute-ly! (Check out the picture of my 20-page roadmap below). Curious how I can be so self-assured? Here’s just some of what I’ve done in the past weeks to ensure my success, joy, and happiness:

  1. Addressed external forces that could sabotage me: Set stronger boundaries and had courageous conversations
  2. Reviewed what’s most important in my life ( my 4 pillars: Health, Purpose, Spirituality & Creativity, Connections)
  3. Made plans to eliminate the things that aren’t working (goodbye joy stealers & stressors)
  4. Identified new paths and new projects that make my heart sing!
  5. Gained clarity on what’s my #1 priority this year
  6. Wrote out my ideal life vision 5, 10, 20 years from now
  7. Created mini-action steps my month and by quarter for the entire 2021 calendar
  8. Printed and bound my plans with plenty of room for notes and checkmarks
  9. Created an inspiring Vision Board to hang on my wall in my office
  10.  Now, I have to ask (clearing my throat) what about YOU?

Are you interested in coming up with your very own roadmap for the year ahead? Imagine what you could achieve working with me, a savvy and bold life strategist. Clarity, inspiration, discernment, action plans, and the motivation to conquer all of it – with a fluid backup plan in case you are derailed. How would you feel? Try on confident & empowered. If inspired, my Vision Masterclass info is below.

“You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it’s better to listen to what it has to say.” ― Paulo Coelho, Author
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