I’m sitting at the Chicago airport, wallowing in the ‘in-between’, returning from magical Santa Fe, New Mexico, and headed back to pure Michigan to enjoy the summer in the Great Lakes state. The ‘in-between.’ In between destinations and chapters in my life, have you ever been there? The left foot is rooted in one place, a right toe-dipping into another. In and out, up and down, one step forward, and a half step back. It’s easy to feel disjointed and lost.

Don’t fret. Your soul knows which way she wants to go. She is the navigator managing your inner GPS – hollering, pay attention! “Turn left, straight ahead, take this exit,” she barks. So are you watching for God winks, listening for whispers, and flipping your turn signal when it’s time to get off the beaten path? I suggest we break out of the ‘in-between’ and take the road less traveled.

As I slowly board the puddle jumper headed east, I smile to myself.  Getting lost has never felt better.  I trust that I’ll eventually reach my next destination.  You will too.

The land knows you, even when you are lost. – Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass


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