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Virtual Quest

3 Month Virtual Quest

I get it.  Traveling to magical Santa Fe may be difficult with your current schedule.  The great news is I’ve been delivering the same impactful program virtually for a few years.  Hey, we can still eat enchiladas and toast your success with prickly pear margaritas in our PJs from home!  You think I’m kidding?  Hardly.  Does this sound like you?

  • Find yourself in Transition; seeking to redesign your life to support a lifestyle of Abundance & Freedom?
  • You actually loved your life but now you are bored out of your mind. Somewhere along the line, you lost your fire and energy!
  • You are beyond ready to take your finances, health, relationships, and success to a higher level for supreme Joy and Happiness!
  • You finally figured out what you would love to do but your fears are blocking you from your dreams; fears like, “am I good enough?  Can I afford to change?  What will people think?”
  • Maybe you’ve been recently laid off, or the kids are grown now, you aren’t ready to retire, or you’ve outgrown your current job?
  • You are asking yourself questions like, what do I want to do?  Am I in the right field?  I want to step in a new direction but I don’t know how?

What To Expect

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Throughout the Virtual Quest you will be personally mentored by meone on one.   You can expect to:

  • Clarify what’s important to you in your life and career
  • Align your values & talents with your intentions & actions
  • Build in your passions, lifestyle, values & goals
  • Stretch your boundaries and take risks
  • Breakthrough fears and self-limiting beliefs
  • Move forward on your dreams with accountability
  • Create a detailed plan and action steps to get unstuck
  • Invest in your future with an award-winning coach

The Virtual Quest Agenda

Step 1

Complete an in-depth questionnaire in advance of your Quest, including a career and personality assessment.  You’ll need to dedicate 4-6 hours in preparation.

Step 2

Work with me 1:1, virtually over three months.  We will meet bi-monthly with a specific agenda.  You’ll have plenty of refection time to finish your homework.  Gain clarity on your goals and design a purpose-filled, successful, and passionate career and life that you love and so deserve!  

Step 3

Receive your unique Blueprint (20+ page detailed report) from Beth and begin implementing your detailed plan to guide progress towards your goals, broken down by small action steps, resources, motivating factors, critical milestones, and timelines.

Step 4

You’ll have an option to continue for 6 or 12 months with unlimited email support, bi-monthly coaching calls, and accountability with Beth. 

Vision Made Easy

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