As discussed in the Entrepreneur article, “Why Powerful Professional Women Don’t Compare Themselves,” social media is a tool meant for connection, but it also has the power to derail the most secure woman with isolation, anxiety, and depression.

Face it, we’re bombarded daily with images of aspirational women who are fit, fabulous, and fearless – with the perfect career and relationships and ‘slaying’ their business.  It’s one version of the truth, the happy version. It’s a comparison trap.

Comparison can lead us down a slippery slope and an immediate reaction to throw a pity party, feel resentful, or inadequate.  We’ve all felt a tinge of this at some point, be honest.  It’s no fun being transported back to middle school not hanging out with the cool kids.  I can testify, I wasn’t a ‘cool kid’ but rather bullied and grew up to embrace my inner-champion.

The truth is confident, self-assured women are focused on their own game.  They are hustling, ambitious, working on goals, building authentic relationships, with no time to check the number of ‘likes’ in the rear-view mirror.  They’re too busy reaching for the stars and making a positive impact in the world.

Stay in your lane.  Comparison kills creativity and joy. Brene’ Brown

Comparison is a fundamental human impulse. While it’s difficult to shut it down completely, the next time you feel like a wallflower, remind yourself how phenomenal you are:

  1. Accomplishments: When you look back over your life/career, what are your top 3 biggest accomplishments? What are you most proud of recently?
  2. Strengths: What are your unique strengths? How do you use your superpowers to make a positive impact in the world?
  3. Creativity: If you could only accomplish one thing in your personal and professional life this year, what would that be?  Focus on your goal, sister.
  4. Joy: What brings you immense joy in your life and work?  No-brainer, schedule more joy time.

Girlfriend, mind your own business. In fact, I’m willing to bet you are pretty cool.  Do they even say ‘cool’ today?  Who cares?  You have places to be, people to see, and magic to create.  Stay in your lane.

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