That’s a wrap!  I just completed a 20-page personal manifesto and timeline for my 2022 goals, vision board, and theme for the year.  I feel whole and in control.  It’s your turn!  We have a major snowstorm brewing across the nation.  I say it’s the perfect time for you to finish your New Year planning and create a Vision Board.  Walk with me…

Day 1: Go to a bookstore, bring homemade banana bread with chocolate chips.  Gather magazines for inspiration.  Get lost for hours finding inner f#cking peace.
Day 2: Get your flip chart, pens, cards, planners, and spend 8 hours creating your master plan.
Day 3: Get snowed in. Collage an incredible vision for the future!

Let’s not forget, stock up on plenty of coffee!

For inquiring minds, the Art Journaling Magazine has tons of phenomenal pics to bring emotion, vivid colors, and thoughts to your Vision Board.  If you prefer a digital vision board, check out this article from Develop Good Habits that shares the best apps to make an online version.  And this is how you grab your life by the throat and get er done. “Hope” isn’t a viable plan. Action is.

Vision without action is merely a dream – Joel A. Barker
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