Our steps are not measured in miles but in the amount of time we are pulled forward by awe.  This is another gift from our national parks, to be led by the vistas, to forget what nags us at home and remember what sustains us, the horizon. – Terry Tempest Williams

Looking to reconnect with your essential self, tap into your deepest desire, and experience a newfound sense of peace? In this fast-paced world of technology and endless to-do lists, of course, you are and it’s likely what’s missing from your joy cup. I’ll let you in on a secret: One must go outwards in nature to reconnect inwards.

I’m fresh off co-facilitating a five-day women’s retreat with the Sedona Women’s Institute, exploring three amazing national parks in the heart of Utah. We hiked, marveled at the vistas from early morning dawn to late-night star-gazing. We sat in a circle and shared our dreams. There was writing, reflection, and laughing in the sisterhood – plenty of belly-aching laughing!

Arches National Park, Women’s Retreat May 2019

One of the things I appreciated the most was the downtime for self-reflection, meditation, and journaling. Our Red Cliffs Lodge luxury cabins were right on the banks of the Colorado River. Horses greeted me on the opposite side. I found myself having conversations with the mighty river, horses, trees, and canyons. Canyons that have been in the surrounding Moab, Utah area dating back 290 million years. Pin drop.

Technology and to-do lists, don’t exist here. Only a profound sense of self and oneness with everything and everyone. That feeling brings tremendous clarity – on your values, beliefs, needs, and dreams…IF you allow yourself to truly live in the present moment. The rewards are priceless my friend.

Whether I’m living in the high desert of New Mexico gazing at the Sandia Mountains, hiking in the Santa Fe National Forest, from Sedona to Moab, the Grand Tetons or Yosemite National Park, or biking on a wooded path in Michigan, this I know for sure: Living, working, and playing in nature is Non-Negotiable for me. I’m my best self in tune with creation – and doing so leads me to the path of wonder and creativity. Funny how that works.

When was the last time you felt a sense of oneness with everything and everyone? How are you living in the present moment? Are you living your best self? Join me, I’ll meet you there.

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