Does this sound like your current job?  You aren’t exactly happy, but you aren’t unhappy enough to do anything about it?  Studies show that approximately 70% of people agree.  Standing in between misery and bliss is officially called “being in a rut”.   While it may be comfortable, it’s also painful.  Sadly, most people are okay knowing tomorrow is going to be just another “meh” day because at least they know what to expect.   Do you really want a lifetime of utter boredom?

You might be stuck in a rut without even realizing it. Here are five powerful questions to help you understand whether it’s time for you to make a leap.

  1. Does this job allow me to work with “my tribe” – people I respect who share my values and agree on what matters or do I have to put on a mask to get through the day?
  2. Does this job provide opportunities for growth that stretch and challenge me or am I just aimlessly circling around on auto-pilot on an empty tank of gas?
  3. Does this job, because of my responsibilities, set me up to launch into future positions that advance my career?
  4. Does this job compensate me fairly based upon my education, talents, and skills, and the value I bring to the organization?
  5. Does this job – the daily tasks that I actually do, fill my heart and feed my soul in meaningful ways?

While the answers to these questions have a different level of importance for each of us, the answer to No. 5 is a must. Your work must matter to you on a deep level that gives purpose to your life.  If you aren’t feeling the love, you must be relentless.  Investigate careers, ask yourself hard questions, and take risks.  If you aren’t stretching, you aren’t growing.  If you aren’t growing, then ultimately you are dying inside.  I vote for stretching and growing.  How about you?

Life leaps like a geyser for those who drill through the rock of inertia. ~ Alexis Carrel

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