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Soul Digg is a deep, life-changing e-Course journey designed to help you create your own Life Revolution, surrender uncertainty, and unearth your mission in life. The depth of this inner work is not for the weak. Revolutions never are. This is about honesty, courage, self-fulfillment, and forging a new path forward. For you, your work, and the world. We believe when we unearth our bliss, we find our truth, and that is a journey worth taking.

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Intro to the E-Course

The Soul Digg self-paced, transformative journey is divided into 12 powerful steps to help you clarify what’s essential in your life & career, define your next chapter, and break through your ridiculous fears & self-limiting beliefs. Expect to come out the other side with a detailed plan and action steps to get unstuck and boldly move your dreams forward. Life is short. The world is waiting on your inspiration!



Dreams, Well-being, Brave, Creativity

1. Unearth Your Dreams

A quest to define your wildest, bat shit crazy dreams and what thriving in your world, work, and relationships mean to you.

2. Unearth Your Well-being

A quest to expand your freaking joy, happiness, and well-being to provide the life-giving oxygen for your dreams. 

3. Unearth Your Brave Self

A quest to step outside of your teeny comfort zone and take risks, small or big (we prefer massive), in pursuit of your most outrageous self.

4. Unearth Your Creativity

A quest to awaken your inner artist, blow up excuses, and create the roadmap for your legacy – shoot for the sun, moon, and stars.


Passion, Adventure, Strength, Vision

5. Uncover Your Passion

A quest to listen to your deepest yearnings and ignite the desire to follow your calling finally. Nothing less than orgasmic.

6. Uncover Your Adventure

A quest to reconnect with your 4-year-old self, play in mud puddles, and fearlessly leap into your next wild adventure.

7. Uncover Your Strength

A quest to muster your inner hero, slay your fears, and believe you are limitless because you are.

8. Uncover Your Vision

A quest to design and commit to your vision, however big or small. It’s time to answer who you are, what’s next, how, and when exactly?


Soar, Connection, Celebration, Purpose

9. Unfurl Your Wings

A quest to define explosive growth areas and the brave changes required to soar to a higher level.

10. Unfurl Your Connection

A quest to enlist your supporters and tribe towards your valiant goal because together, we become boundless, our impact endless.

11. Unfurl Your Celebration

A quest to wave flags and blow trumpets to celebrate your fiery beginnings and beautiful endings. Vow to become unstoppable.

12. Unfurl Your Purpose

A quest to share your supreme bliss, soul’s truth, and begin the journey that’s undeniably worth taking.

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