It’s an inevitable topic of discussion that comes up during coaching.  Sometimes, right out of the gate with hands being thrown up in the air exclaiming, “I can’t get past my fears!”   Other times, it’s more subtle captured in the eyes with a downward glance or in the voice, shaking but unspoken.

It’s best to just rip off the bandage and bleed out the wound (pardon the graphic visual).  Frankly, fear needs to stop being your story.  The real story is where you are trying to go, not what you are trying to leave behind.

Successful people understand that you will never eliminate fear.  Rather, the key is to acknowledge fear and move forward regardless.  Personally, I’ve learned to reframe my fears.  Rather than replaying, “I’m afraid” over and over and over again in my head, I stop and think, “I’m curious”.  I’m curious how it will turn out, what success will look like, if I’ll like it, and where it will lead?  Curiosity has never paralyzed me.  Ever.

The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasures that you seek. – Joseph Campbell

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